Meet our Medical Director


Dr. Patmas is not your typical doctor. He has a passion for healthy living and believes in the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.  A general internist who has practiced for over 30 years and a healthcare executive with twenty years’ experience, Dr. Patmas has a proven record of accomplishments. In his professional life, Dr. Patmas is a seasoned physician and executive with extensive clinical and management credentials.

Dr. Patmas has been preaching the importance of practicing evidence-based medicine since he started practicing over 30 years ago. He has been at the forefront of preventive medicine and has published numerous articles and lectured in topics that put forth the importance of healthy living and weight management.

Dr. Patmas believes it is very important to stay clinically active and does so as a telemedicine physician who has performed tens of thousands of consults.


Following his passion for healthy living, he has some very impressive accomplishments including running marathons, half-marathons, and innumerable other runs. He was a finisher of two well know and grueling marathons, the 1992 Marine Corps Marathon and 1994 NYC Marathon. He was a level 1 Accreditor as a Professional Ski Instructor. At almost 70 years old he is currently Alpine Certified Level 3, a Professional Ski Instructors of America member, and is listed on Bergies Best Ski Instructors in America Website. Recently he has found a new recreational passion in Open Water Diving. He recently became PADI Certified in open water diving and is working towards his Advanced open water Certification.

Dr. Patmas fully supports the importance of optimized healthy living to avoid the utilization of our current “Health Care or Sick Care” system. He strives to empower patients to invest in their health, with the goal of living an energetic, healthy life at any age.