What our patients think about us!

I have been with James and his team since 2016. I was fifty-five at the time. Up until then, I felt I was constantly facing more and more issues that seems to be associated with aging, including loss of sexual desire, fatigue, numerous muscle and joint injuries and weight gain. I was feeling frustrated with my overall physical condition, which was having a direct correlation to my way of living or shall I say my quality of life. My primary care, who I am still friends with pushed the same old rhetoric. Which is, its time to accept the fact that we are aging and all these issues you are dealing with are just the reality of life and part of getting old.

Thank God for friends, as a good friend of mine suggested I call James one of, Nuage Health MD’s founders. I made the call, he spend 45 minutes with me before I was even a client. I hung up, went, and did my bloodwork and started my hormone therapy. It wasn’t long after that I started seeing positive changes. I haven’t felt this good in 30 years. My perspective on life has changed for the better.

I have more energy, I am sleeping better, and my overall quality of life as drastically improved!

Lastly Dr. Patmas, James and their entire staff are the most patient, professional, and knowledgeable team I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Do not hesitate if you are feeling like you know something is wrong. Call the Nuage Health MD Team, they wont let you down.

Joe Santos 5 / 5
Outstanding service and professionalism! James is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about your goals/health. I highly recommend Nuage Health MD as trusted company that actually cares and always does the right thing!! Thank you!!
Jeff Nelson 5 / 5
Nuage has helped me to feel and look better. My sleep has improved and my strength and endurance is beyond my wildest expectations. They are truly professional and attentive as they guide you through the process. They ensure you are taking the most effective and safest approach to your anti aging goals. James is the best and so easy to work with.
John M 5 / 5
Grateful Couple
A great experience. Their professional team helped me reach my personal goals. Thank you NuAge Health.
Carlos d'Arbelles 5 / 5
A few years back I was searching for a new Men’s Health Medical group that could help me with my life-long battle of Low Testosterone. (congenital issue) Several “Men’s Health” clinics I found online were reached out to. A few returned my call but only James had the deep clinical knowledge I was seeking and would expect from a provider. Only James had knowledge of my unique medical condition. James knew the depths of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and he and I were able to have very educated conversations about all aspects of treatment. The Followup offered here is the platform all clinics should seek to mirror however, none do. I FULLY support Nugen Health MD and HIGHLY recommend them! D. Cameron, Keller, TX
Dale McKinnon 5 / 5