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Adult Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy


Testosterone Replacement Therapy



Whether you want to increase sexual stamina, muscle or energy we can help. Since no two people are the same, we all experience different desires, symptoms, complaints about our bodies while growing older. But we can all agree that if there were ways to slow down the process of aging and improve our lives then why not try it? We offer customized hormone and testosterone therapies and services to enhance your goals for you with the help of a clinical doctor. It’s easy and can be life-changing. Read more about treatment options and services..


You will be provided with an experienced consultant that will collaborate with you to discuss your concerns, symptoms and what your goals are. You will discuss many therapy options based on your needs. Once you submit a comprehensive and complete list of recent blood work, a licensed physician will review, assess, and carefully manage the progress of your therapy to obtain your goals. To learn more review of frequently asked questions page.

Our care coordinators walk you through the following process;

Schedule Free Consultation

Complete your Patient history forms

Complete a Review of your medical history

Schedule your lab work

Lab Workup

Complete Comprehensive Blood Panel

Physician Reviews lab work and;

designs the foundation of your personalized hormone replacement therapy.

We Schedule your Physician Evaluation and Consultation

Complete online visit with Physician

Complete Physician Examination
and Physician Consultation

Finalizes personalized therapy program

prescription is called into the pharmacy 

Start Therapy

Medication is overnighted from the pharmacy directly to the Patient

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